Gross 2 Nett (“G2N”) works in partnership with you to develop and understand your business requirements. As your objectives change we will assist and change with you.

Companies that process payroll and accounts in-house are regularly faced with a number of dilemmas.

  • Confidentiality
  • Changes in Taxation Legislation
  • Costs – Outsourcing reduced hidden costs such as holiday and absence.

Outsourcing has become more and more the preferred business solution for processing this non-core activity and complex legislation makes payroll an ever expanding minefield.

Outsource to Gross 2 Nett and we will:

  • Provide skill/expertise not available in-house
  • Provide the latest technology and systems
  • Savings on software/payslip stationery costs
  • Best practice – always up to date with taxation and employment changes
  • Ensures delivery on time (not affected by holidays, sickness)
  • Valuable internal resources freed to perform other functions
  • Additional confidentiality
  • Accurate information produced for periodic and annual accounts.

    Gross 2 Nett provides:

    • Built in systems back-up and securities
    • Advantage of modern payment and processing methods
    • PAYE/PRSI experience to give specific guidance to your organisation
    • Advice on employment law
    • Accurate and timely management accounts
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