Experience has shown that companies with either 40 employees or less or a turnover of €2 million or less have found that outsourcing their payroll and book-keeping cut costs and increased productivity by removing a bottle neck that was hindering growth.

Can G2N benefit your business? What is your response to the following statements? Can't justify employing a person full time to do payroll so it is often left to a key member of staff, which is a waste of resources. Anyone in the office can access payroll data. Covering holidays for payroll staff is difficult. Keeping up with payroll documentation and changes in legislation can be demanding. Payroll is managed by an office administrator. If she/he leaves it means training or recruiting someone else. It’s difficult to keep records up to date End of year P35’s & P60’s are a hassle!

If you agree with any of these statements then G2N can benefit in the following ways: We act as your accounts department but on an external basis. We offer a consistent and reliable service 52 weeks of the year. You are assured of complete confidentiality, all of our documentation is compliant with legislation, up to date and accurate. We have a full complement of skilled payroll staff working on your behalf G2N offers a totally confidential bureau service to companies.

G2N will free up valuable time and resources and allow companies to focus on their core business.

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